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Tick & Insect Control Solutions in Fairfield County

Can you imagine a summer without worrying about bugs? We can make that dream come true! Protecting yourself against ticks and other bugs that are trying to bite you whenever you’re out in nature is essential for your health and safety. Applying insect repellent according to its labels and wearing protective clothing outdoors is a great first step, but if you’re looking for a more secure and trusted layer of defense against pests on your property, the Tuff Lawn team has a solution for you!

Our expert team of DEP-licensed technicians is committed to defending your lawn and landscape against ticks and insects all season long. We use regularly timed applications to cover up to 30 feet into wooded perimeters, brush piles, groundcover shrubs and more, so there’s no escape route for these pesky biters.

Organic Tick & Insect Control Programs

Protect your family from the threat of ticks and their diseases with our Organic Tick Control Program. We only employ natural products, including cedar oil to interrupt pheromones in the insect, peppermint bio-solvent to penetrate their outer shell and a fatty soap that acts as an adhesive. You can feel safe knowing these measures break future generations of tick life cycles within 15 minutes after application. Reclaim your outdoor spaces naturally by giving us a call today!

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Early Spring

Our 100% organic solution effectively dissolves insect eggs and larvae, preventing re-infestation. Meanwhile, its cedar aroma creates an invisible barrier to repel ticks – making the treated area off-limits to pests.

Late Spring

Our technicians will apply a 100% organic, natural solution that dissolves insect eggs and larvae on contact, stopping future generations from growing. The cedar aroma creates an invisible boundary ensuring the area stays off limits for ticks, fleas and other pests.


As the warm months roll in, we will eliminate current and future generations of ticks with 100% organic, natural tick control. The naturally derived cedar aroma develops a defense barrier against pests, keeping your outdoor areas safe from uninvited guests.
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Late Summer

Our team will return to ensure maximum defense against ticks and insects with a unique blend of 100% natural, organic ingredients. This solution works by dissolving insect eggs and larvae to eliminate future generations while leaving behind an aromatic barrier that keeps pests away.
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Another application of our formula will help dissolve insect eggs and larvae to stop ticks in their tracks before they even enter your space. Enjoy total pest protection plus a hint of cedar aromas, making this treated area an unwelcome home for these pesky critters.
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Late Fall

As winter approaches, we will take one last action to ensure total protection from ticks and other pests — a powerful application of 100% organic and natural tick control. By dispersing this unique formula across the treatment area, we will eradicate any current insect eggs or larvae and its cedar aroma will also help safeguard against future intruders.

Tick Facts

The deer tick, a tiny creature the size of a sesame seed, has been linked to the spreading of Lyme and other diseases among humans. This small organism is dangerous for us and chooses larger animals as its primary targets, such as deer, cats or even dogs! But that’s not all — American dog ticks have spread Rocky Mountain spotted fever occasionally and are equally harmful to warm-blooded creatures, including ourselves.

Nearly 90% of all Lyme Disease cases have been reported in the northeastern part of the United States. Roughly 70% of people who develop Lyme Disease in North America catch it from ticks in their yards.

Powassan disease was discovered over 50 years ago. While still rare, there has been an increase in the number of ticks found to carry the virus, as well as in reported cases in our area. Powassan is spread by the same deer tick that transmits Lyme Disease. While comparisons are often drawn between Powassan and Lyme, the two conditions differ. Lyme is a bacterial illness, usually treated with antibiotics, while Powassan is a flavivirus with no current cure.

How To Protect Your Outdoor Space From Ticks

Preventive action against ticks is the best way to avoid infection. Keep an eye out in shady areas and near woods, as they commonly linger among low bushes, tips of grass blades, leaf litter piles or decorative ground covers.

At Tuff Lawn, we want to ensure you have all the information you need to protect yourself and your loved ones from the dangers of ticks.

Here are some helpful tips from our team:

  • Keep grass cut short.
  • Clear tall grass around your house and edges of the lawn.
  • Remove leaf litter, brush and weeds at the edges of your lawn.
  • Deter deer activity.
  • Trim branches around the lawn edge to allow for more sunlight.
  • If you find a tick on your skin, remove it immediately before it can bite and attach.
  • Conduct full-body checks on yourself and your family, especially in hairy areas. Don’t forget your pets!


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Fairfield County Tick Control

In the 1990s, Connecticut homeowners were met with a worrying increase of Lyme disease in the area. To help combat this problem and protect residents, we created Tuff Lawn’s Fairfield County Tick Control, an expert team dedicated to tackling tick-borne diseases through lawn treatment and landscape changes. Make sure your family and pets stay protected by getting started today!

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