5 Steps to Help Transform Your Yard Into a Vibrant Oasis

Spring is here, and warm weather is approaching! If you’re like most homeowners, this is the season you want to start preparing your yard to look its best. A lush, green lawn is the perfect backdrop for flower beds, trees, and other landscaping features. It’s also the best area for outdoor entertaining. But achieving this can be challenging — especially if your yard is plagued by weeds or soil that’s not very fertile. In this blog, Tuff Lawn will discuss five steps that will help transform your yard into a vibrant oasis!

Test Your Soil

Before you start fertilizing and adding any amendments to your soil, you must know what kind of soil you have. This will help you determine which products are best for your lawn and the nutrients it needs. 

Fertilize Your Lawn

To achieve a healthy green lawn, you need to fertilize regularly. This will give your property the nutrients it needs to stay lush and healthy, tackling many common lawn problems that can pop up. 

Water Consistently

To maintain a healthy lawn, you must water consistently. Ensure that you provide enough water for your grass to grow but not so much that it drowns the roots or encourages disease-causing fungus growth.

Mow Properly

Mowing correctly can help you achieve the perfect lawn. When mowing, cut only ⅓ of the grass blade length and do not scalp it—keeping your mower blades sharp will also ensure a better cut and healthier grass.

Control the Weeds

Weeds can ruin an otherwise perfect lawn. To prevent them from taking over, pull out any weeds as soon as they appear and use an herbicide if necessary

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